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Any places that I can go in and try them on though? Nordstrom rack or one of those 3-day suit brokers or something?
What is a good suit to buy for less than, say $600? Just need it for 1-2 times a year for weddings, interviews etc... Im about 6'2, 215# right now. Can get it tailored, of course. In Los Angeles.
How do EG jackets fit? Regular size, slim, or you-better-size-up-one-slim
quick question - do EG jackets fit regular, slim or REALLY slim (like, better size up slim)
Invoice is $20542 Dealer said his "Rock Bottom Price" is $20,039 TrueCar price returned me a quote from a dealer 40 miles away (same exact car) for $19,764 When I went in to the dealer originally the sales manager said a "Few hundred" could be taken off to save a deal. SO Im in good shape with a price match, else I'll just go to the other dealer, no biggie. Tuesday Ill clean my car (in case I trade in) and Wednesday I'll do the deed. Wish me luck
^^ This is pretty much why Im leaning hard on the new car. The price difference isnt THAT much and in a few years $317 shouldnt be too bad at all. Plus I plan on keeping it for 7-10 years at least, so it will pay for itself in due time. Both interest rates were sub 2%, so its kind of a toss up there. I just dont want to look back in 5 years and have a 9 year old car with 9 year old problems
that seems to be the consensus I get, even though its a low mileage car. Id like to hear what other car buying veterans think.Also, with a $4k down payment the used car is $297month for 48 Months while the New is $317 month for 60 months. IS that gap narrow enough to say fuck it, by year 5 that $317 for 12 more months aint nothing and go ahead and get the 2012 instead?
I need a new daily driver in the next week to get me 200-250 miles a week. I am not a car guy and dont really want to make huge payments, so this will be a car I buy and hold for 6-8 years at least. NEW CAR: I got a great offer (I think?) for a 2012 Mazda 3i Touring Hatchback with the Moonroof/Bose package -- $20,039. PROS: Warranty, better mileage in the long haul, newer body style and nicer interior gadgets, peace of mind knowing its just me owning it, sunroof and...
I just ran the insurance numbers for that clk430 -- over $700 per 6 months. At least $150 than any other car. Bummer...
Wow, that CLK430 is a pretty slick car. How well do they last over 100k? Here is one right by me with 96k miles for...
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