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Bought some worsted flannel from Harrisons Burley in the past month and made some pants as follow. The sand one is around 13-14oz and it looks similar to NMWA in term of color...The rust one is over 14oz, particularly nice for pants.
I always buy extra. Something unexpected may happen in the CMT process.
You probably need to let out the back, which is too tight at the moment.
Not particularly good, but acceptable (presume it is cheap). Shoulders and sleeves may need further adjustment. Simply removing the shoulder pad won't help you to achieve the look you want. This has been explained many times here.
People here like these too.
It would be a fun jacket anyway. And more importantly, it is China. Only few people would know it is for boating. I will be quite safe.BTW, I wear tweed at my desk. I also wear brown suit to meet my clients.
Many thanks Chris. I noticed the cut of the lapel is not ideal, but it is acceptable to me. The treatment of the pockets is problematic. I didn't require them to match the pattern in the first place (they are slanted and crescent so much less likely to be matched I assume), but did hope they do it in a symmetrical way...I can live with those problems anyway.
The fabric is like 280g and is a bit open weave (similar to fresco). I fear flannel or even the worsted flannel is a bit too hairy to it.
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