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Just want to join the party and have fun. Shitty picture shot in a dark room.
A local cheap one I kept using for last couple years. Strange this is labelled as brown on Minnis website...
It's been a while.. Minnis Alsport. Thanks @jerrybrowne.
Indeed. Same experience.
Pretty good deal I would say. Received these last week and now on my feet.
Yes, contact Loake or the retailer. Just curious to know what caused that.
The back of your fresco blazer is messy. Better ask him to prove he can do normal back well enough before you jump to one-piece.
Pictures got from google search. Mahogany appears on may retailers... First one is fine to me but don't like the second.
Hi All I am looking at Chester in Mahogany with dainite sole. Which picture below refect the true color. I think one looks like dark brown instead of mahogany.
Bought some worsted flannel from Harrisons Burley in the past month and made some pants as follow. The sand one is around 13-14oz and it looks similar to NMWA in term of color...The rust one is over 14oz, particularly nice for pants.
New Posts  All Forums: