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I have purchased from them in the past and had no issues with receiving or returning the watch. If you purchasing, there is an additional 15% coupon code that might work: HOLIDAY15OFF Good luck
If I was into ugly crap that no one else had, this would be right up my alley! CHEERS!
They look like someone took an old pair of Stacy Adams boots & painted them blue. Badly.
red flannel houndstooth who would have thought that would look sooo sweet!
I had the same addiction last year and I hope to have tamed the beast. But two places that I have had exceptional service and are running some good sales: Good luck. This is my fav Seiko This is my 2nd fav:
If you can get to Prime Outlets in Williamsburg, you will find almost everything since they recently opened section 2.
I say wait till November. It will go on sale eventually, everything always does.
Most of my pants are lands ends since I always need to get them hemmed for the inseam. I have found their pants also hit & miss on quality, but the exceptional return policy has made me a loyal customer for about 10 years now. I got the vest last year too from Sears $12, and it is the best down vest I have ever owned. I'm sure the jacket is warm, but I don't like it very much. Too redneck looking to me. I had the Marinac when it first came out, and it was crap. I did...
I liked them better when they were Structure. They were more euro in the early 90s, but then went to pimp'n jeans and t-shirts.
My understanding is the lakeside ave store is the flagship, so everything should be there.
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