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^^ 20% off of 100 = 100 * 0.80 = 80 15% off of 80 = 80 * 0.85 = 68 Therefore, you get a total of 32% off the original price. Notice that it is not 0.20*0.15, but 0.80*0.85.
Hello all, I've been keeping my eyes open for suits to be interested in the last few months. However, I am having an issue with buying ready-made suits: traditionally, the waist is 6 inches smaller than the chest in these OTR suits. However, my waist is 8-9 inches smaller--My chest is 38" and my waist is 29-30". This has led me to be very hesitant about buying any suits that may be improperly sized. I'm sure that I am not the only one that has ran into this issue....
I'm very interested in he CP desert boots, chukka and possibly the Thom Brown shirt. Can you comment on the sizing of the shoes? I'm normally a 10.5 and haven't been able to decide between the 43 or 44, as well as measurements of the shirt?
Where have you guys been buying your atomizers? Most places I've found seem expensive and I'm wondering what the cheapest options are. Thanks.
Chiming in got CologneReview's interest check for the Hermes-D'Orange Verte split. I'm interested for this. Let's get it going!
What is the sleeve length on the Beams+ shirt?
I was taking my wallet out of the back pocket of my Mr. Freedom Dungarees earlier today and I felt something give. The threading at the top 1/2 inch of the seem between my back-right pocket and the rest of the leg tore and the small 1/4 inch of overlap is now able to come out of the crease it fits into. I don't have a camera so I'm unable to post a picture. I don't have a machine, nor do I trust myself or those that I know to fix this pair of jeans. I know that this is...
Hey all, I'm looking for a messenger bag that is kept shut by leather straps. The bag that I've seen which most closely resembled what I'm looking for is the Belstaff 554 (or 556), seen in the link below. Of course, I'm open to suggestions--in fact, I will most likely end up purchasing a bag that is not Belstaff because I haven't seen their bags on this forum in a long time. If you have anything that even...
Hey guys, I'm seeking out interest for HERMES -- Terre d'Hermes EdP. I would like to get a split on this going. The 2.5oz sells for ~$90-$95, so we don't have many spots to fill. PM me if interested and I'll bump in the thread periodically. Basenotes link:
Quote: Originally Posted by Krp480 buy my god damn somets. I price dropped them to $170, and they are practically brand new. When they hemmed your Somets, was it finished in a way that can be removed? I looked at them, but the hem is too short for me.
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