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Mies Van der Rohe: Brando:
Sydney Greenstreet was pretty stylish for a fat man. Can't argue with this. A tailored suit, pocket watch, and a fez and you're all set.
I thought the French didn't like Corbu. He wanted to tear down half of Paris and replace it with highways and housing projects. Why he is celebrated as a great architect, I don't know. Buildings don't have to look like housing projects for poor people to be modern:
550, 560 - Dad jeans 501,505 - regular fit 514 - slim fit 510, 511 - really slim, may cause damage to reproductive function
Is there any consensus on how pea coats should fit lengthwise? I see some guys wearing them so they barely pass their belt and other guys wearing them way below their hips and everything else in between. How long should the sleeves be. Slightly below the wrists? I'm 6'-2" and I'm not sure if should go with a regular or long. Regular seems to be long enough in most brands.
Thrift stores! My favorite sweatshirt, actually a hooded one, is a Jerzees brand I've owned since 1994 or so (I was in junior high school). Its been washed God knows how many times and feels so soft. No pilling and fits nicer than the bulky, contemporary sweatshirts sold by Gap, ON, athletic brands and the like.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal That's a problem that a lot of women endure and most men enjoy. I don't think it works in the opposite direction. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol um, someone might see the small of your back? egads!! This board is weird. I guess I'm in the minority on this, but I stand by my opinion that men shouldn't be exposing certain parts of their body.
I'm aware that this is a message board about style and we obsess over these details, but I wouldn't worry about this. I really don't think its necessary to have woven, button-front shirts in different lengths for wearing tucked-in vs. untucked unless they're an extremely casual, square hem or something. I think the examples posted in this thread look too short. Having the longest part of shirt hem go just a little bellow the waist-line looks really weird. What happens...
It looks so edgy and fresh paired with a tie that's the same color as the shirt and square-toed driving loafers.
Wallabees* Vans Slip-on Sperry CVO *Jack Purcell was Canadian and Weejuns are based on a shoe from Norway, hence the name. American staples regardless of the original country of origin.
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