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The only phones i have are prepaid untraceable disposable phones. as for the address, i pick a secluded closed residence area not too much in the open. (guy sitting in a laptop trying to crack a wireless network less suspicious) I pick the house using a network with a WEP crack, easily crackable. Anyways, i appreciate your concern. As for the kmw, and common projects shoes, i have a voucher that i was trying to get rid of, it's from one of sf's affiliates, looking to...
size one down from your normal size.
a box of glocks
i have these in size 8.5 brand new for the same price shipped.
Hi i am selling a pair of dior jeans size 34 19cm Made in japan, i recently purchased these and they are much too large. I have not worn these besides to try them on, and they have not touched water. Please pm me with your email if your interested and you want pictures. I am having a great deal of trouble uploading these. My asking price is 250, since these are new condition.
190 shipped only 3 pairs at this price
too bad if you got it from saks you'd be making plenty of money since it was on sale then for 70 dollars ish.
240 shipped lowest i can go =)
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