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Congratulations!3 days till Deadmau5!!! Sewing for myself with fabulous silky soft fun fur and making Mau5 ears too
Louis Vuitton wallet and bag from A Canuker
Our dog has to be forced outside to do her business when it cold and snowy but willingly heads out for walks
My cousin just posted I WANT PAJAMA JEANS! I'm ashamed.
I'm going to ask for an act of the Gods to get you the hell out of there. Old navy jeans *shudder*
The fine art of communication with an s/o is one if the most difficult things to master but the rewards can be priceless.
When the fight is over be grateful it happened, when you fight it's because you care, indifference is the relationship killer.
It was and Agreed!
Got to leave the girls with A Canuker while I went to pick up my Mom which meant I had my music up to the point the bass was vibrating my mirrors. Perfect pick me up!
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