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She takes after her Mom lol
We got her a potty ages ago but all she wanted to do was play with it took her out last week and let her pick her own and all of a sudden its working
Little Miss is at school and Littlest Miss has made amazing progress in the last 4 days with potty training it starting off as a great year!
Little Miss Canuker goes back to school tomorrow WOOT!!!
After reading through the last page or two I just want to say thank the Gods I am not J and Fok. Yes there are issues but they can only do so much at this point and they are doing it. How about saying thank you to them both for dealing with whiny tantrums that I wouldn't tolerate from my 3 year old?
Found my gown WOOT!!!
The lack of evening gowns in this city
Now that the craziness of the holiday is past I have time for the gym again, was invited to be a regular pattern tester by one of my favorite pattern designers and two months till LA for SHM Masquerade Motel!
Starting my annual get rid of clutter week! Nothing better than getting the useless crap out of the house!
Paying for VIP tickets and still having to wait in line
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