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My evening gown for Saturday So happy with it I may just have to post in what are you wearing before going out that night
Picking up my gown today
A Canuker wearing the Panta pants I got him for Christmas
If you check my fb you will figure it out I'm sure Was it a Panta Tie?
3 of my pictures from my first pattern test of the year have been included in the final pattern!!!
Discovered Little Miss Canuker put her snow wear in her bag soaking wet yesterday, they were playing in the melting snow at school. It snowed over night and got really cold again and unless it drops to -23 they must go out side for recess so I have to keep her home. She is not going to enjoy the fact that I had her teacher send me her school work to do at home.
Got a homemade card from my good friend's daughter, who is Little Miss Canuker's best friend, inside it simply said "Thank you for loving me!" Sweetest card ever
She takes after her Mom lol
We got her a potty ages ago but all she wanted to do was play with it took her out last week and let her pick her own and all of a sudden its working
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