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Getting ready for my first Mom and Daughter date with Little Miss Canuker we are going to paint pottery
Make me
And yet we are creepy
LOL if only I had that much free time in my days.
Wow what a rant. Given the personal information you have shared on the internet I'm really quite stunned that you would have the audacity to call us creepy, that said I'm going to tell you the same thing I would tell someone who doesn't like me or my life in the real worldIf you don't like like what you see go somewhere else, nobody is making you stay!If seeing us post bothers your tender sensibilities oh so much why don't YOU put us on ignore because quite frankly I...
Pisses me off that my hair can't look this fabulous every day
Because its funny as hell to see how fat all the cheerleaders have gotten when you still look great
I read this while sitting in a coffee shop with my Mom, I laughed so loud everyone turned and looked at me. Then I read it to my Mom and it was her turn to get the looks lol
Not this time...
Made tacos tonight topped with caramelized onions, fresh Roma tomatoes, baby spinach and sour cream yummy
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