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Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Seriously dude, it sounds like you have a very serious anger management problem. You should get some help. Every one of your posts has an angry tone to it - it just seems like you have a problem controlling yourself. Telling a customer "get your fucking finger out of my face" when he's pissed is obviously a poor way to handle the situation. How old are you? 16? I must say I completely agree. I...
the second one linked to unko Junior Member for me if thats any help.
shoes, hair, face/eyes
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Sweetheart, I think it's adorable you listen to whatever bullshit corporate fluff station they have in Canada while you bake pies, but you should really stick to the edible confections. Bad Religion corporate fluff? ROFLMAO
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Could you please post some pics of Mr. Canuker in high heels waxing his eyebrows? I could try...but I honestly don't think it would be possible to get him that drunk without killing him
Red Wine Cardigan Sweaters Computers Evenings at home Driving Eyebrow Waxing Cooking Skirts / Dresses Highheel Shoes Men in Suits
My Chemical Romance The Killers The Beatles Led Zeppelin Bad Religion
I will get the measurements up after work today
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker Oh come on now this is just a pity story going now. I think you need to dust of that chip on your shoulder and stop slagging the forum members who are replying to your posting. You seem to be going from one side to the other, first its "I'm not hurt cause it doesn't matter, its not like I had any emotions for her" to "Well, we were in this non committed, quasi committed fuck buddy thing" to "He's a jerk who stole...
Happy Birthday A Canuker Hope your day is fabulous and can't wait till tonight
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