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I will get the measurements up after work today
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker Oh come on now this is just a pity story going now. I think you need to dust of that chip on your shoulder and stop slagging the forum members who are replying to your posting. You seem to be going from one side to the other, first its "I'm not hurt cause it doesn't matter, its not like I had any emotions for her" to "Well, we were in this non committed, quasi committed fuck buddy thing" to "He's a jerk who stole...
Happy Birthday A Canuker Hope your day is fabulous and can't wait till tonight
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker The Lady is fine And The Man is even Finer
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 i thought the humi was his friends..? It is his friends, he has a nice one at home just not so big. Though if he were inclined to get one similar I'd have no objections, so yeah I guess I am an ok Lady
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Or just get onto a forum and STALK HIM!!111!!!!11 ROFLMAO!!! What a little ray of sunshine you are.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker Its ok she's all wanting someone to try that "item" Ed had going last week so how about you just come on over. ROFLMAO!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 k, get back to me! Will do
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