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Quote: Originally Posted by West24 so my house or yours? A Canuker's house of course
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 bitch Yep and Damn Proud of it too
Quote: Originally Posted by A Canuker Join a dating website and leaving the page open. That should bring in some lively conversation which should help to end the issue. Yeah that would do it.
My 5 year old cousin: To show the gophers it could be done.
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 me? No not you
A Canuker
Bettie Page
I have a cat, same age as little miss Canuker. They have grown up together and little miss adores her
Hit the gym, cook dinner, spend time with little miss/get her ready for bed, spend time with the man and whatever else that can't be put off till the week-end.
Were the strawberries dry? I find if there is any water remaining on them from washing the chocolate will go funny and won't set.
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