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Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I wouldn't slurp her spaghetti with edmorel's mouth. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T this thread had too much sarcasm. It wasn't deserved. Dude just signed up, posted an honest inquiry and has been nothing but polite, and has not said anything remotely douchey/stupid. Sometimes this board needs to be more hospitable. +1 Perhaps you could put a small scrapbook together for her. Include photos of the 2 of you and maybe small mementos that mean something to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T Anyone else thinking that zupermaus is jinda's long lost gay twin? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Calgary. (I think). Is that near Banff? I'm sketchy on details such as these. Calgary is very close to Banff.
Looking for a new job
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas We had snow a few Christmases ago. Our dogs sat outside barking at the snowflakes because they had never seen anything like that before. I wish it snowed more often here. We may see more snow this Christmas, if only because of a possible trip to Canada. Where abouts in Canada?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas You are in Canada, right? I heard snow happens a bit there. For us it was a chilly 50-ish degrees this morning which was refreshing. Yep we are in Canada, we've been having some outstanding weather and it was still sunny while the snow was falling *sigh*
Going outside to find that it's snowing
Quote: Originally Posted by Faded501s Women are liars. They test you. Wow that is quite the statement there, one I could easily make about men. I choose not to because it's not always true of all men, just as it's most definitely not always true of all women.
Just remember that not all Dumb Threads start in Dumb Threads....
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