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Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso How do you put quotes into your sig? hit quote on the post you want for your sig. Copy it, go to your user cp select edit sig and paste it in
WOO HOO!! Senior again *happy sigh* J you nearly gave me a heart attack but thanks for putting things back again
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Vendor brought pies in after lunch. One of these pies is strawberry cheesecake pie. Sheer brilliance this pie! And I got Mrs. Thomas a gift for tomorrow's anniversary, and the reservations are set, so I'm covered. What did you get her?
Where's a Mod when you need one
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas What happened to the post counts? One minute I'm above 4400, the next I'm falling like the Dow. I lost my Senior Member status *sob* what on earth is happening
Quote: Originally Posted by JustinW I gave the missues something like this: http://www.vancraeynest.com/index.html WOW Stunning!
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon eh ... the girls in the porn spam have been going down hill so your not missing anything...Lady Canuker's avatars have been more exciting! Thank You
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I wouldn't slurp her spaghetti with edmorel's mouth. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T this thread had too much sarcasm. It wasn't deserved. Dude just signed up, posted an honest inquiry and has been nothing but polite, and has not said anything remotely douchey/stupid. Sometimes this board needs to be more hospitable. +1 Perhaps you could put a small scrapbook together for her. Include photos of the 2 of you and maybe small mementos that mean something to you.
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T Anyone else thinking that zupermaus is jinda's long lost gay twin? +1
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