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Some people use Valentine's day to remind their children that they are important and loved and to teach them the importance of being caring and thoughtful individuals.
Happy Valentine's Everyone
Little Miss Canuker is 9 today
Gods help me when we get there.
Little Miss Canuker is going to be 9 tomorrow time goes way too quickly these days.
Laughed out loud while drinking coffee, coffee mess on the laptop completely worth it.
Finishing up 2 dresses for the Little Misses made from Fine Worsted made in Huddersfield, fresh coffee and finding 6 coordinating fabrics for the dresses my girls want for Little Miss Canukers birthday party next saturday
Waking up to discover I can't access my email and after going through the steps to regain access finding that a ton of spam has been sent from my account. I guess I should be grateful nothing came up on my virus or malware scans.
Today is date day withe the Littlest Miss Canuker we are making musical instruments
Awww poor you please feel free to put me on ignore
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