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If anyone has a misconception about good manners it's you. My Grandfather, who is 96 and is now confined to a wheelchair, still insists woman and children precede him through doors and out of elevators. It's the mark of a true Gentleman imo.
This is excellent! The best advice I was given when I was starting to learn (2.5 years ago) was to check YouTube for any techniques I wasn't sure about.
well said
A Canuker just sent me the new radio ads he and his partner did and they sound fantastic!
Spoken like someone who has never had a child of their own or any direct, meaningful contact with one. I wouldn't go nor would I allow anyone to bully me into going, it's called standing up for your beliefs and values, going will only give the impression of approval of the whole sad/sorry situation.
My fabulous Sister in law is going to do the school runs for me next week so Little Miss Canuker won't miss any school while we are away. She would probably have posted this in the pissing you off thread if she was a member *grin*
Congratulations Mr.G!!!
JLibourel are you still in LA? Also for those who live there can you recommend any good fabric shops?
I didn't say I don't enjoy the activity, I don't like the taste without the activity (TMI!)
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