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Small Business Saturday sales on boutique sewing patterns
Following the directions on a product only to have it go completely wrong check the products website and discover they have different directions listed
If he is I want to be there for the delivery HAHAHAHA
Drink anything with ice in it?
Where?I wouldn't count on it being locked keeping you safe
I think we need a picture...
Little Miss Canuker's school is selling really good chocolate for their annual fundraiser, don't they realize I have a formal gown to fit into at the beginning of January?
Nicely done Thomas, being familiar with your dedication I'm pretty sure this will be a great year for you Got half the priming done on the doll closet pieces last night, about to start the other half so should have the paint on and dried and the pieces hidden away again by lunch!
Will be the food reward ideas a try, putting her outside causes her to jump / bounce at the kitchen window and I;m worried she's going to shred the screen plus she barks while doing it.
Good Morning Gentlemen Been a while since I posted in this thread, but I'm back and looking for suggestions. We are helping a friend out by caring for his dog when he goes away to work (Working 3 weeks on 3 weeks off in a diamond mine up north). The dog is very much like the friend in terms of very high energy to the point of being a bit high strung, very much the opposite of our Labrador Retriever who, while alert, exudes a calm energy. After the first couple of days...
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