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Mr Canuker did that last month after our Thanksgiving, best soup I've ever had. Now just waiting for Christmas so he can make it again
Thank you
Got the 14 ruffle pieces (7 per dress), the 6 bodice lining pierces (3 per dress) and the main dress pieces for one dress cut last night. With luck the dresses will be done by Thursday
I have and it's true once you make the first one they expect miracles lol at least she asked for her baby sister as well as her self.
My Little Miss Canuker believes Mum can produce 2 over the top velvet ruffled dresses in time for the Christmas party at Dads work in just over a week...well at least I think this makes me happy...
G/F is gluten free Little Miss Canuker has celiacs
How on earth did you get Brooks Brothers from G/F?
G/F pancakes with real maple syrup, bacon and homemade hashbrowns all made by Mr. Canuker
New Posts  All Forums: