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I took it in a more creepy/stalkerish way but then I tend to expect the worst in people
Pm's saying Shibari as your avatar? Scandalous I say! 
My new book from my SS have only been able to skim through it so far but loving it and looking forward to finishing my Christmas sewing so I can read it
Well done Conne wishing you much success
With only minimal tears and tantrums the Canuker family Christmas tree is lit and dressed with Freyja watching from atop
Sucks warm healthy thoughts energy coming your way.Terrible loss and so sorry it is a part of your world Conne. Thoughts are with you and yours as well as the families of those lost so tragically.Wouldn't you like to know and thank the Gods the accident wasn't much worse!
I think it's necessary just because she is celiac doesn't mean she shouldn't have a normal childhood I will send the recipe when I get home this morning, just dropped the Little Miss off at school. Will also find my pizza dough recipe for you.
Gingerbread men, rugelach or jam tart cookies? Or does she have a fave I can look in my recipies for? Our 8 year old is celiac as well
Good Gluten Free christmas cookie recipies
Running out of black thread 20 minutes after the sewing store closed.
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