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I like your wife
I'd have left without her.You are lucky you don't live close by for that remarkThat sucks, I remember feeling that way before Little Miss Canuker came to be. Kids change that if course. If you lived here I'd invite you to the craziness that is Christmas with 2 Little people in the house.
While I can't say I know what you are going through, having never been in that situation, I can say she is fortunate to have a son who gives a damn. Best of luck to you.
Warm healing thoughts and energy coming her way, may the Gods watch over you both.
Getting back to my Christmas sewing. Got all pattern pieces, ruffle pieces, elastic and fold over elastic cut last night to make 3 doll size nightgowns this morning, it's going to be a great day!
I love Mythbusters
The police have said it on the news, but Nat Geo and Mythbusters both saying it is even better!
Smart ones
I so don't envy you.
Placed 2 orders online on the same day, one to come from the US one to come from the UK, the one from the UK arrived today but no sign of the US one. How does something from a neighboring country take so much longer to arrive?
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