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Its one of the worst decisions a pet owner has to make, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Positive thoughts and energy coming to you both
I'm hurt but if I'm not good enough to be your fb friend then it's your loss.
A Lady never tells
Gods this sounds like a law suit waiting to happen. Positive healing thoughts and energy going out to her and may the Gods watch over, bless and protect her through her time of healing.
That's freakin terrible! Where abouts in Canada is she?
Oh and a wonderful pm received.
Fresh ground coffee, sewing projects going exceptionally well, finding Teacher on Facebook
I like your wife
I'd have left without her.You are lucky you don't live close by for that remarkThat sucks, I remember feeling that way before Little Miss Canuker came to be. Kids change that if course. If you lived here I'd invite you to the craziness that is Christmas with 2 Little people in the house.
New Posts  All Forums: