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Woke up sick with a million things to do. What was left of my Christmas spirit is down the toilet. Next year I will not be wasting my time or energy on finding perfect or thoughtful gifts as no one else does.
I understand that, but if there is no respect for the traditions of the faith then perhaps its really not the right one too meet an individuals needs.
ahh I see now you were referring to fluffy new age paganism, my mistake.
I read an article about this a few weeks ago that said the Mayans didn't count leap years. So if it was an end of the world prediction it would have happened several months (I think) ago.
I'm not sure Odin would approve of such a change for his Handmaidens.
Have you done any reading on the various branches of paganism?
LOLWho ever came up with bubble hems should be hung drawn and quartered.
Spent 3 hours at the walk in clinic with the 2 Little Misses and it's left all of us tired and grumpy.
Great news!
I was baptized and raised in the catholic faith, even went to catholic school. In high school, after being kicked out of religion class a few times and ending up with a two day suspension for questioning what was being taught, I realized catholicism wasn't something that felt good or right and offered me no peace. For a long time I simply went through life without faith and no intention to try and find any. Then came the day I discovered I was expecting Little Miss...
New Posts  All Forums: