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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire His statement concerned tax free distributions. Trad IRA doesn't fit the bill. Oh, here's a tidbit too: Trad IRA are not always tax exempt on contribution. Depending on our AGI, you don't get to contribute to a ROTH and if you contribute to an IRA, it's post-tax dollars. Nice, huh? The nice thing is that the income limit for conversion of IRAs to ROTH IRAs goes away this year, so everyone can now, in...
T. Anthony?
These stories show up once a year it seems. Here is the new one from FP,0
Quote: Originally Posted by CasinoRoyale Had no idea. Not from NY(obv). Pictures at the end from Howard were pretty cool. Yeah, I opened this thread entirely expecting to be about HU. The historical photos are great; I'm of mixed opinion about the new ones.
What are you looking for in particular?
I was hoping to take a photo this afternoon, but the shirt that RSS shows is very similar to mine. The differences are the spread and shape of the collar and the lack of a gauntlet button and chest pocket.
Interesting replies; thanks. This confirms the feeling I've had that the obsession with details of sewing in top-draw goods is something that came to prominence in my lifetime and that fit was more of the goal in earlier products. One thing I noticed when I wore the shirt today was that, unlike most other shirts I have (I buy MTM and RTW), the combination of button placement and darts are such that it fits very close to the body, but does not ever gape along the...
Knize (!) Tyrolean hat: This is great, but I am officially banned from wearing anything of this sort.
Among those who remember it, there seems to be much enthusiasm for Bowring Arundel. They are before my time, so when I received an old hand-me-down Bowring Arundel & Co. shirt I was surprised by its construction. I'm not sure of the date (the label has the 31 Savile Row address), but the construction details are: machine-sewn buttonholes no shanking of the buttons no pattern matching at the shoulder or gauntlet split yoke, matched in pattern unfused collar...
Quote: Originally Posted by bcate3 personal choice would be mazda protege5. I bought one of these when I got back to the country; in seven years there's been nothing but routine maintenance (oil changes, new tires about a year ago, etc.). I bought it super cheap off the lot at the end of the model year and negotiated in a seven-year warranty, which I never used.
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