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Curiously, the reweaver in the basement of the office building across from the National Press Club in DC also died over the last year or so. The tailor who works on the main floor has sent some things out for us and the work was very well done. I'm not sure who he is contracting with.
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbat What about Incotex? Incotex uses a super 120s wool that wears out quickly. They're nice in some ways, but I think quality has decreased over the last few years. I've basically given up on RTW wool pants because I can't find the fabrics I want, though I haven't tried Panta (do you sell EU 44 Ed?). I still think Incotex makes the best RTW corduroy. For other cotton RTW I've been just as happy with Ralph...
A nice alternative between the before-storage-cleaning is steaming. We use the Whirlpool unit regularly on all of our wool, especially after travel or being in areas where people are smoking.
Most anything performed by Hasil Adkins should qualify
If you have enough occasion to wear black-tie then go for it. I've been happy with accessories from Brooks Brothers for the few times a year I need them. The golden fleece turn-down collar pleated-front shirts are pretty nice (tent-like fit, but always under a jacket and vest for me). If I recall, there's a seller on ebay who has them new from an outlet regularly for less than $50. I don't think you need studs at this juncture (the Brooks shirt has a strip of mop...
In my experience, "black tie optional" in DC means that few if any will be wearing it. I can't speak to law in particular, but that's been my experience at other social functions.
There's nothing wrong with the Forschner knives in my experience. They're stamped, not forged, and the finish is good but not great, but they are easy to keep sharp and will be durable. And, yes, as everyone has said, Laguiole knives in the US are actually overpriced for what they are.
Place mats on a regular basis, occasionally a table cloth if we feel like it, white damask for more formal meals with guests.
A bunch of New & Lingwood wallets
Crazy looking Mark Cross blue suede and red canvas garment bag: Given it was made in France and from the shape of the exterior zippers I'd guess this was made by Longchamp.
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