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Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 Seriously: You're welcome!! +1, solid choice My wife still has the first gifts I bought her 10+ years ago; something that isn't expensive but isn't supposed to be and meets long-term standards of basic good taste is a total win here.
Those are pretty much the same in all manner of detailing as the EG Malverns I have that Nordstrom used to sell under own brand in the 80s. I'd guess they are 25 years old or so.
Forty-year-old Marinella tie
I stumbled upon this site: Apparently they are making zebra-fur Prince Albert slippers. A quick search found a post from them about a year ago in RJ's thread when they were starting up. Anyone know anything about them?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker None on mine. I don't have any Charvet, but my wife's Charvet shirts do have gussets (Italian style like Fray, not British style like Bowring or Turnbull). FWIW, a quick survey suggests that our square-bottom shirts (Fray, Lachter) don't ever have gussets.
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow There is something very Kubrickian about all of this. Yes, I suppose that's true. We have the spinning bookshelf-cum-murphy-bed too. I love the stuff, but it does look like HAL 9000 should be mounted in one of the units.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Do you ever see vintage luxury cars in Korea? That is, '70s era Mercedes, Rolls Royces, etc. They have a few vintage Mercedes in North Korea which they copied.
Is that Expanko cork tile on the floor? I used the same as the central section in our kitchen about five years ago; great stuff. I like the piece you have. We have an old Interluebke in white lacquer with a drop-front bar. It's probably as minimalist as one can get.
Velvet T&A overcoat
Quote: You unpatriotic fucks, what does it take to buy these? The BIN on these was <$60. But, in DC, I just don't want to get into the whole flag-pin-or-no-flag-pin game.
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