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Here are two recent eBay acquisitions. One a two-piece ten-rib from Italy with a chestnut handle, the other a one-piece eight-rib from England with a leather handle---both private-label for Saks. Thanks to RJ for pointing me to the latter. These are the seller's photos, I'll have to see how they look in person...
Quote: Originally Posted by akatsuki So I wanted to buy my wife a nice purse for Christmas - but I sort of want to do it the styleforum way - meaning, I want some artisan making it from selected pieces of leather with an attention to detail that blows away a standard luxury brand... Anyone know where to go? I scanned purseforum a bit, but they are pretty brand obsessed and the only brand I have any respect for is Hermes and they are ridiculously...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Very American look. Coat almost has to be a sack for it to work. Also obligatory on polo coats. Yep. Almost all the Southwick at Cable Car Clothier is in just this configuration: two patch and flap and a welted breast pocket.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer another bump. what are thoughts on black, plain, velvet slippers? these would be for my wedding To your own wedding? I wouldn't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Somebody has to do all that head of statey stuff. If you make it the head of gov't then you can't abuse him to the same degree. You also can't kick him out at the drop of a hat. Good kings and queens also have a unifying effect that is useful, which no HoS who is also a HoG, however good, can ever have. To my surprise, we agree 100% on a matter of politics.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one I have a set of Schott Zweisel at home, also affordable (in fact they were giving them away here for free with wine as a promo, at some point, where I snagged a couple) As has been said, these are nice and reasonably priced. I've yet to have one break. And, yes, the bowls on the standard white and red are a bit small in volume.
Holland & Holland boots Purdy waxed-cotton hat
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark Seitelman Alpaca was once used in coat linings. It was not the same type of alpaca pile or fleece that is used for winter coats. Richard Anderson in his book mentions that alpaca was used for the coat's lining. Striped silk lining was used in the sleeves to ease slipping on and off. Also, silk (and later Bemberg, rayon, etc.) was less bulky than alpaca. This dates back to pre-centrallly heated England when a heavy...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ I have a hard time believing thats ostrich. It doesn't look like any ostrich I have; the feather follicle (?) seems way too prominent. Maybe the tanning process is different now that it's not a SA monopoly?
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Click on this. Look at the second image. Shake your head as you ponder who would do that to a pair of Lobbs... Wow. When they had a NYC shop, Lobb used to put crepe soles on all kinds of shoes, but this is new to me. It is the original sole though: note the Lobb Paris logo on the bottom.
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