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I like http://www.ikeuchitowel.com/english/ikt/index.html They're bamboo and organic cotton; Japanese style in terms of texture and thickness.
Crane's thermograph doesn't look great, IMHO. Their engraving is nice and if you plan to reorder, I see no reason not to have a die made. When I ordered my last set of cards (using Crane's), the store I ordered them through actually suggested I avoid thermograph and use flat printing until there are is enough critical mass in the company for us to finalize our logo and operating location so we can develop a set of engraving dies.
I just received a letter from Russell Moccasin that my foot is too wide relative to my narrow heel for them to make a last on which to make me a pair of knock-about summer slip-ons. Now since the whole point is for these to be knock-about the usual bespoke options are not really an option. Are there any other similar makers?
Occasionally I work in social psychology and I recall there was a paper fairly recently in which they found that people most prefer gifts that they ask for rather than gifts that the giver comes up with based on inferences about what the receiver would want. So unless you are convinced you have really excellent theory of mind (which, if you are, you are likely wrong), you might better stick with the former strategy.
Edward Sexton tie: http://cgi.ebay.com/Vtg-Edward-Sexto...#ht_1048wt_907 Delvaux trunk: http://cgi.ebay.com/ULTRA-RARE-UNIQU...ht_12438wt_907
Quote: Originally Posted by js4design There is a firm based in Texas that does work in the SE that I think would work for what you have described. Lake|Flato Ah, I forgot them. Ted Flato does what he calls "cracker modern." They are great homes, if a bit more conventional in how they are finished. Before we aborted our FL move, a Ted Flato house was topping our list.
Quote: Originally Posted by CouttsClient That is a neat little house. Didn't Bohlin do the Gates home? Yes. His houses have gotten bigger, but he's still doing some similar work.
Peter Bohlin does this idiom really well: http://www.sothebysrealty.com/eng/sa...ville-pa-19320 Steven Holl does it well too. I've lived in a Holl house for a few months and enjoyed it, but Bohlin is more livable. BTW, if you like PA, that Bohlin house is a deal for what it is. Of course, upstate NY is full of many interesting examples of this sort of architecture, as is western MA. js
M&W leather and silver travel case and fittings. http://cgi.ebay.com/BROWN-LEATHER-FI...t_10807wt_1082 Only useful if your initials are M.I.E. or you really like Mie scattering ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mie_theory ).
My dinner jacket that I've had since college finally gave up the ghost (the satin silk lapels were treated pretty rough back in the day and are showing too much wear), but it hardly justifies the cost of refacing the lapels. Since I wasn't inclined to buy MTM or bespoke given the limited use and RTW cannot fit me, I looked on and off for a lightly worn vintage bespoke model that was very close to my measurements. What I found and bought was made just off the row probably...
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