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Tincati is private label for a store in Milan. I have some of their shirts (Burini) and ties (various), which are well made. I've never looked at their private-label shoes. They sell EG, so I assume these are reasonably well made.
new Tincati monkstraps for $100 BIN
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 Sounds like you actually know what you are doing -- I am also guessing you probably don't have an easily distracted wife or young children! Now that you mention it, my wife does burn things...
Quote: Originally Posted by eg1 I hate our toaster-oven -- what a piece of crap it is. But with this pizza-oven alternative, how can you tell how long to leave stuff (ie. toast, pizza etc.) in there for? Also, since there is no window, I guess you have to open the door to see if stuff is burning? I've never really had that problem. I just estimate like I would if I was baking something.
I got so tired of toasters being either junk or overpriced design accessories that I bought a commercial pizza oven about 15 years ago. It has one setting: on. And there is a timer. It's never broken and it makes more than toast. Edit: here is an example -
Velvet dinner jacket from the old Carlo Palazzi store in Rome (not the licensed stuff).
Quote: Originally Posted by JensenH Due to the hassles with airport security checks, I wear trousers with side tabs whenever I fly. Blazer, side-tabbed trousers and loafers get me through the check points quickly. This used to be my MO, but it seems like these are setting of metal detectors (SeaTac, BWI, DCA) more often (read: always) than my belts do (read: never). I suspect it's that my side tabs are ferrous metal (steel) and have the...
Edward Sexton (SR) dinner jacket ~38/40R
FWIW, it seems to me that new building systems and other nonvisual aspects of design (e.g., acoustics and climate) are going to be the areas where architecture really grows over the next few decades. Energy demands combined with the aging population are going to create new needs.
That looks to be well made, but it's finished differently from the pair I have sitting across from me in my office. Mine are old Stendig imports made by Gavina (the company that was later purchased by Knoll).
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