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Whale skin Asprey attache:
Nice deal on a Walter Morton midnight blue PL SB dinner jacket and full kit from Louis (39S)
Mink-lined camel-hair overcoat from the long-defunct Carlo Palazzi shop in Rome (not the licensed stuff).
Battistoni (bespoke?) safari jacket in grenfel cloth Nick Hilton NH1888 side-tab grey flannels
Maybe a bit off topic, but a decent deal for Poltrona Frau chairs and a Brueton table in NYC. I buy stuff in NYC and have it trucked down here all the time, too, but not this one.
unworn poulsen skone RTW russian calf loafers
I have a pair of these - made for the Japanese market. They're Grensons, I think. Well made. The last has a very pronounced chisel toe.
Hardly worn pair of bespoe Maxwell Loafers (~9)
Decent BIN on new, but mislabeled, EG
N&L bespoke slip-ons in Peccary (Cleverley?) - not Loake as suggested in the listing
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