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Anyone received jeans from the Black Friday sale yet?
How soon can we expect the jacket you guys hinted at?
Anyone got any sizing tips for the MA1s? I wear a small in their slim fit Oxfords and was wondering if I should get the same size for the MA1.
Got mine yesterday from Zeemon, thanks! Went with 285s, my feet were just under 280 mm. Most of my shoes and boots are size 11, except for chucks which are 10.5. Hope this helps those deciding which size to get.
Anyone know which Weird Guy the Indigo with Contrast stitching is on Gilt? I'm guessing deep indigo, but I just want to make sure. Also, why does it say the inseam is 32 and one of the pictures looks like it actually is 32 when every other measurements on different websites have Weird Guys at 35" or so?
Got these about 18 months ago. Applied snoseal and brown shoe polish when I first got them and then again a year after.
^ Almost the same waist size as you and about an inch or two bigger thighs when I bought my NFxBig John WeirdGuys in 29. Waist had 1/2 extra and thighs had about an inch, they haven't stretched much or any at all in just over a year. I'm not sure if all the different versions of WGs are the same so you might want to wait for other's experience.
My 30x32 Alphas just arrived today, the hem is 7 3/4" and the knee is 8 1/2".
These are back on the website and also a 10% off link via email if you were on their mailing list. Came down to $143 total to CA, but wont ship until the 20th. After reading every page on this thread, half a size seems to have worked for most. I went down from my normal shoe size of 11.5 to 11 and I hope it turns out fine.
Anyone have pics of WW2 Roughouts with jeans with smaller leg openings? Around 7 to 7/12 inches. I've only seen them with LVCs and was wondering how they'd look on something like Weird Guys. Also, does anyone know if they are slippery in the rain or wet concrete?
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