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Reduced, now 200 €
I'm selling Trickers Stow brogue boots in acorn antique colour. The boots have been used less than 10 times and are in good condition. They were a bit small for me to begin with but I figured I would get used to them. I never did. The size of the boots is UK 10,5 or US 11 (according to size chart provided by Trickers). Fitting is no 5. This is Trickers' regular width though many people find these boots wide. They will be delivered in their original box with shoe bags and...
Price reduction. Now 120 €.
I´m cleaning my wardrobe and getting rid of some items I thought would fit me but didn´t. The Flat Head shirt SOLD SOLD Second item is Momotaro lot 0201 slim fit straight jeans in W32L36. Jeans shrunk way more than I had expected after initial wash (I washed the jeans in 40C with no detergent before wear) and ended up uncomfortably slim. I used them 2 or 3 times before giving up. All tags, stickers and leaflet that came with the jeans are included. No alterations...
How do you feel about Red Wing Wabasha collection shoes in terms of styling and durability? Models: I need a pair of boots for winter and I´ve been thinking of either getting the 7-eyelet wabasha boots or classic 875.
Thanks for all the comments on the jacket. I´m still on the fence with this one. Took some new pics wearing a thick, shetland wool sweater under the jacket. Here are the results: jacket in context:
I measure about 185 cm/75 kg or 6´1"/ 155 pounds. I think the shoulders look better in the picture than they look in real life. If this was a suit jacket, shoulders should propably be 2 cm wider. I´m not sure if these should fit like a suit jacket though. Thanks for your comments canstyleace. I may overestimate the problem but I still wouldn´t go for size M. Chest size feels good on this one.
That´s size large. Next size would be noticeably longer (and out of stock).
Just got an upland jacket and I´m wondering if I should keep it. Sleeves are long but shoulders are narrow. Comments on fit are welcome.
After a long wait I finally received me APC New Standards. Their waist is fine but they are very tight around the upper thigh and the rear. Could I expect them to stretch enough not to make me look like I´ve slipped into girls jeans?
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