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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy If you actually do this within the next few days, I will personally arrange a special prize for you. I'm free on Friday, so consider it done
Ah crap, I just noticed this, I was thinking of doing a backflip off of a ten meter platform into water while putting on my jeans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Singular Thanks - in fact the wardrobe isn't very large. Right now I have a rack consisting of 10 hangers with jacket+trousers/suits, two pairs of jeans and a few shirts - it's hard living on 12 sq.m... The 505s are nice but old - I bought almost three years ago. Washed them last weekend;[/IMG][/center] Yeah, but they were very tight around the waist when i bought them...
Yeah, I noticed the perspective made them look really weird, I think in real life they are pretty slim. Maybe that photo is a better one? The jacket btw is from§ion=men& The shoes are a bit dirty from all the indigo stains (they rub off pretty well with soap water though) and from walking around.
So, this is my second time posting here I've been trying to learn, hope I learned. Just something pretty casual to walk around the town with. What do you think? I think I should hem the jeans, but I kind of like the stacking, but when I'm not wearing shoes it's a bit too long. What do ya think? What should I do besides a haircut?
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Do you think a loose fitting v-neck would look better? I'm asking seriously, because I feel loose fitting T's look terrible on my build. About the jeans- though they are slightly tapered the stacking is a still a little wide, but I love the way they look on the whole. I agree, loose fitting clothes on build guys make them look like a shapeless ball.
Quote: Originally Posted by Style_Deficit Noob observer here .. about a year since I posted a WAYWT pic ... the last one was ignored .. that hurt.. and gave me food for thought ... You know, this is pretty damn awesome Everything fits great and you're not trying to look too hip. You look good, well dressed and very bad ass
Quote: Originally Posted by why Take a picture when your balls drop. What the hell?
Quote: Originally Posted by hahnb Sorry for the delay, I haven't checked this thread forever. The only carb diets in my opinion that are effective are carb cycling. Atkins and all that crap is for morons. Also, your picture is kind of hard to tell much by because of the angle, but claiming that you need a low carb diet to remain lean is incredibly juvenile and flat out wrong. Awesome I'm not claiming you need it to get lean and remain...
Quote: Originally Posted by why Yeah, but how big is his cock? I don't know, I have a webcam and a ruler. Clearly anyone who eats a carbohydrate rich diet has a small penis, so must he.
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