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Quote: Originally Posted by Fury I'll email jcrew for the measurements but I thought it would be worth asking here aswell to get an idea. Emailed them and got a great reply, size small is what I'll stick with. Staver do you know if you will be getting any more of shirts 5 and 9 in your next lot?
Couple of shirts I'm interested in but I cant decide to get small or medium. I've got a few small secret wash shirts already and they fit me well but I've been trying to bulk up a bit lately and even though I could put on a decent amount of weight and the size small ones I have would still fit I'm not sure if medium would be better. Can anyone tell me how much bigger mediums generally are compared to small? Also what kind of fit do the madras and workwear shirts have...
My shirts arrived today, I love them! This is a great service, looking forward to seeing what shirts you get in future shipments.
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam Has anyone had any experience with the MR Rogers cardigan and the champ raglan sweatshirt? Hows the quality? Is the cardigan going to die after a few washes like the american apparel cardigans? I have the cardigan and the quality seems quite good, much better than the american apparel ones.
I'd be interested in knowing what prices they have for some basic button down shirts in size small.
Got my shirts today. Such fast international shipping, they shipped on Friday (Aus time) and arrived this afternoon (Tuesday). Thanks for the great service! The size medium basic crew is probably the best fitting tshirt I have ever had. Does anyone have an opinion of the poplin button down shirt? I'm thinking of trying it out. Its hard to tell on the website but even in the black colour it looks a bit see through, how thin are they?
Quote: Originally Posted by tetsuo if he wears 9.5 in Chucks, what size would he need in MIE 1460's? Probably size 9UK. I'm a size 9 in chucks and leaning towards the size 9 boots, if your brother is half a size bigger than me I'd imagine the size 8 boots would be too small. Quote: Originally Posted by iwhelan The exception is where the toes bend on top of your foot. That took months (!!) to stop giving me serious pain as...
Quote: Originally Posted by Get Smart I always size up to the next full size so I couldnt tell you if they stretch much Ideally I'd be a UK7.5, but I go with 8 as the 7 is a bit too short lengthwise Strange thing is that the length on the size 8 seemed fine. I even sat the boot right next to the shoes I was wearing that day and I'm sure they werent any smaller. It's other places where it feels cramped which doesnt make sense to me since I...
Yeah it's a shame there aren't half sizes, I think the 8.5 would have been good. It is hard to tell which is the better size because I just have no idea how they will feel after a few weeks of wearing them. I'd prefer not to have to exchange them for a different size too since I am buying online and international shipping costs are quite high. I just cant help but feel that the size 9 would end up being too big after breaking them in. Do they stretch a fair bit?
I'm having a lot of trouble deciding between two sizes. I tried on both a size 8 and 9UK today, the size 8 was quite tight in some spots, especially at the bottom of the tongue towards the front of the boot, it was digging into my foot a lot there. How much do the boots stretch after breaking them in? The size 9 felt quite comfortable but my heel was slipping a bit even with the orthotics that I need to wear. I feel like after breaking in this size they would end up being...
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