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How does RT compare to 3sixteen? I can't decide between them since they are at similar price points.
hi all, i haven't posted in over a year i think but i was wondering if anyone knows a good japanese brand for coats. i bought an inapt peacoat awhile ago and this time i'm looking for a spring or summer coat. maybe something like a trench. thanks in advance
My waist size is 32 and I picked up 30's in the 1980's from context. Fit well but stretched a little and now the waist is a little loose, otherwise everything else fits great.
Anything like this for us Canadians?
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota First off, it's "What Goes Around Comes Around". Recommend you change the thread title. (Edit > Go Advanced) I really enjoyed the 1950s Havana theme they did in SS09. Caveat might know a thing or two about the shirts. The few that I've liked have never shown up in my size. weird, context lists them as WCAGA, but their site is...
somets ftw (low rise woot)
in again on GIT split.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon i have never thought or done this. At least not in the past 15 years... because its a rather immature thing to do. just like posting threads in the wrong places. that's a really selfish mindset to have; a little empathy would go a long way to not being a dick. honestly, if everyone hates posts like these so much then just ignore them.
MANGO is mass market fashion really popular in southeast asia. I've never tried it, but maybe it's somewhere around Zara or Topman quality
nice i waas on the first page. i will live in SF history edit: i read this thread and all i got was this cool new avatar. THIS THREAD WAS A SUCCESS
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