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In real life, it isn't darker than a typical charcoal. It is quite nice, though I can see why others might prefer mid-gray. A few if the Aristons struck me as nice alternatives, if you are looking for slightly lighter with some surface texture
Rubbing alcohol. Take an absorbent paper towel and place it on the outside of the shirt over the stain. Saturate the shirt with rubbing alcohol from the inside, making sure the paper towel is pressed firmly against the outside of the fabric. You should start to see the ink come off the shirt and move on to the paper towel. Keep repeating this process, using a fresh paper towel as needed.
Kent, I say pockets with no buttons. There is something that I find a bit feminine about pants with no back pockets -- which is one reason why I have never tried Panta (which has one back pocket).
About 9 months ago.
Charcoal suit was a good start. Don't over think this. Black balmoral shoes, no brogueing (well shined, but not patent leather). White, spread collar shirt (barrel of French cuffs, your preference). Charcoal over-the-calf socks (match the suit, and make sure they are high quality). For the tie, see if you can find a shepard's check in a color that is similar to the wedding's color scheme ( has a red shepard's check, but I am not sure if that is the right...
I would guess that shoulder has little (if any) padding and structure. Looks to me like Luca has naturally squarer shoulders, and the jacket is cut to match that line precisely. The collar also looks to be cut slightly low, emphasizing the squarer line of the shoulder. The angles at which a suit is cut can dictate a lot about how it looks.
Emb, that looks pretty good. But I might try extending the length by 2.5 rather than 4 and lowering the button stance by 2.5 rather than 2. I would be curious to see that photoshopped. As for the shoulders, I agree you shoulders are strong and square naturally so the soft is a good option. In the photoshop, are you taking any width off (maybe .5 cm)? Also, make sure to show kent a view of the back of the coat, as he is very good about suggesting ways to clean any...
Both are excellent. I like the wood on the Butler better but the shape on the HP seem superior to me (more curved across the neck). The Butler take up less space, however, if that is a concern for you.
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