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Quote: Originally Posted by dibenetto i'm intrigued about ACORN i didn't know they sold direct....what is the price range for 36'' and 60'' 100/2? Unfortunately, neither did I. It was UK-based tailoring company which has helped me and ordered some cloth from Acorn. But I think that Acorn is selling directly, so you'd better contact them:
Could you please provide us with the following measurements: 1) chest; 2) across back. Is it possible to order shirt made of Acorn cloth: ?
Received this masterpiece from Fritzl and absolutely happy nowadays - I've found a new love! They fit well, I can even say that too perfect for the non-bespoke shoes and have a stunning construction. Sure they are not the most elegant shoes in the world but they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned without any exception. I'm also inspired by the soft leather and stitching quality. Gyula Kiss has a golden hands! Wish him good health! Don't be afraid to support...
Measurements, please. Do you ship overseas?
Don't listen to anyone who tells you that Buda is too ugly. Indeed it's the ugliest last on this world ... joking In fact, Budapester is a real masterpiece, but they are a toy for a big boy only
Danke schön! Does "Habsburg" have any website? Could you please also recommend any other classic cloth manufacturers (I'm interested in the local companies still making their clothing in Austria\\Hungary\\Germany)?
Does anyone hear\\have experience with Gössl (Salzburg, Austria) clothing? (Deutsch version only) Authentic Austrian look-n-fell, but I'm truly inspired by their jackets. Any comments about the quality & price range are welcome.
Hi Lance, If you are still looking, I can try to help you. Just PM me. BR, Serge
MTM vests:
Congrats. It's a real masterpiece. Is there any surcharge for this calf?
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