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Wear your wallet in the other pocket. (Don't know if this works with iPhones, but it works with my HTC Desire HD. Might depend on size of wallet.)
Quote: Originally Posted by kevinsp8 This is the weakest of your outfits... jacket looks too 'hippy', you need a different color hat with that suit, and I don't like that pocket square. I love that square myself, but I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I tried matching it with that jacket. (I was probably too busy dressing the kids to think about it at all.)
So, should I post here too to get reviewed, or is a post to WAYWRN sufficient?
Quote: Originally Posted by JapanAlex01 For a hat like that (and it seems like a nice hat), you should wear a solid, white shirt, imo! Different trouser colour? White shirt with a corduroy hat? Really? I definitely need more odd trousers. (I could also need a second pair of trousers for that orphaned suit jacket...)
Quote: Originally Posted by Ndure Plase take off your hat. Norwegian: Hatter skal ikke brukes inne. Uansett! That's BS. At least the «uansett» part. What is this, the military? Or does that look like a church to you? I was on my way in, and hadn't reached the office yet.
A bit late, here's yesterday: ...and the day before that: ...and tuesday: ...and some rainy day last week, with the obligatory bathroom mirror shot:
Oh yes, that. I polished a few shoes quite well, added suspender buttons to a pair of pants, and polished those shoes again. Not much, I know, but definitely in compliance. I didn't buy more buttons, nor did I buy more shoe wax. I will now, of course.
I'm not, although my job title has "security" in it somewhere.
I managed without buying anything. Barely. Then again, for me it was only one month.
New angle, good old security-guard look:
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