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Couple questions for anyone in Melbourne: 1. Where's the best place to find cheap raw denim in Melbourne? Looking for $120 ish, took a search around the forum, but finding stuff from a few years back, if anyone knows anything a bit more current it'll be appreciated. 2. Does anyone know of any jobs or anyone hiring at the moment? Canadian on a working holiday visa finding a tough time finding a job that isn't hospitality (no training at all). Have tons of experience in...
Any of you guys have any hookups for some temporary work? Canadian on a working holiday visa looking to find some work that isn't male prostitution. In Brisbane now but will fly to wherever if the job is legit. Retail management background with some office as well.
Sorry to necro bump a topic, especially a spam post haha. Anything fun to do over here? On a working holiday visa from Canada and it looks like I'll be over here for a bit -- hopefully finding some kind of job. Not too interested in the club scene -- heard some people talking about Fortitude Valley, worth the trip over? Staying in the CBD right now. And if anyone needs a hard working Canadian (ha) for any kind of work let me know, preferably as an escort for lonely...
Soho or Evanston in 11.5 E, Black.
Quote: Originally Posted by nathan Damn, if you're in Canada the total comes out to $240. Even more, they charge you about a $50 import/duty fee.
1.5mins on one side, flip it over and then 1 more minute.
Ha, I live in Winnipeg too and your experiences are a daily occurance to me as well. That line mentioned seems to always illicit a favourable response.
Is there anywhere to buy menswear here anymore? Looking for some nicer dress shirts and ties. After Holts closed the only chain alternatives seem to be The Bay and Harry Rosen, which don't leave much to be desired.. I searched the forums but couldn't really find a concise thread on the topic, thank you! I know there are some peggers on here from lurking, good not to be alone in this wasteland.
New Posts  All Forums: