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Quote: Originally Posted by boxdiver What's the secret? I've read to go full with the grain, then full against. For example I will go straight down on my entire neck, but I don't even get the chance to go against it gets so ripped up. *ouch* Try shaving your neck according to the growth pattern; the hair on your neck doesn't all grow in one direction. Try shaving with the grain, across the grain, against the grain.
Have sex with someone. Always works for me.
Penhaligon - Opus 1870
Shavematic is also a great quality option that fits your price range.
Quote: Originally Posted by Clyde099 So I'm looking to try shaving with a safety razor. A lot of your recommend getting a Merkur HD with some Feather blades. I haven't tried the HD yet despite it's number of glowing reviews--I use a an older Fat Boy as a primary choice. You may want to check out some type of 'blade sampler' like the ones dridiot offers (eBay #250343354229). Quote: Originally Posted by dcg As far as...
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