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^^ My GT's have already softened up in that area after about a week, so you should be fine (keep in mind I have never worn your exact boots). I wore extra thick wool socks to protect my feet for the first couple wears, but have found that unnecessary recently. You might want to try something similar.
^^ That's a much slimmer fit than I thought the Slacker's were. Looks good though.
measurements on chimala?
looking forward to my skulls and 3sixteen bracelet coming in. once again, great webstore kiya
pm sent
pm sent
Hey, I live in Arlington as well, and I am just wondering how much less they would be if shipping was taken out of the equation? -Thanks, Oliver
Jcrew Kirkland Flat Head V
On your site, is the model wearing the sugar cane union star's wearing his true size? I'm really into those jeans, but im not sure I want a cut so straight or loose.
^I know this isn't helping, but they're sooo much sweeter in person. Really amazing pants.
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