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Hi All, I picked up some new Allen Edmonds shoes during their current sale and are looking for some affordable (
Thanks for the welcome and all the replies so far - I've been lurking for awhile and didn't realize I hadn't posted yet! These shoes have been worn once or twice a week, pretty much every week for the last two years. The footbed still feels consistently firm across the worn sections. These shoes were purchased from the Shoe Bank - but I believe they were closeouts and not seconds. I'm not overly concerned about the aesthetics of the separation (it's not noticeable unless...
I have a pair of Allen Edmonds that are starting to show some wear on both the bottom of the sole as well as beginning to crack/separate along the edge. At what point should you get a shoe resoled? Is it time for this pair to get recrafted? Sole wear. Sole wear. Toe is beginning to separate. Side has begun to separate. Thanks!
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