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It is worse when you go to a restaurant and you hear people talk about food and wine. There is always someone trying to impress his date by swirling his glass and talking about its "prominent legs".
The company's creative process involved Mad Libs
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian Every single review I have seen puts the CF 5770's ahead of the single 5850 and sometimes 5870 for most games and benchmarks and has been shown to scale pretty darn well for a multi GPU setup. Other than the space consideration (5770's are pretty darn small) and perhaps a slight increase in heat generation I don't see too much of a con with using one 5770 and then upgrading to 2 if needed. Otherwise, he's better...
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Don't be upset with me, bro. The simple fact of the matter is, PCs are more efficient when it comes to anything that involves a keyboard. Macs are generally better for things that involve a mouse. Almost everything I do I prefer to use a keyboard and shortcuts for, so PCs work better for me. BTW I tried a Mac for several months with an open mind, but because of the way I use a computer, it was not a good...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Well what card would you recommend? 5850? Dual 5770s? A single 5800 series card trumps the CF 5700 configuration, aside from the obvious it is also better in terms of heat generation, heat dissipation, power consumption, noise generation. Cards in crossfire don't scale either, so don't think of it as +100% performance.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I would most definitely ask for a picture. Anyway, LS, I hear you, but I haven't found any women standoffish here. The thing I'm noticing is that every attractive girl I see has a ring on her finger. Women seem to get married YOUNG here. I've been told to try the online dating thing but I don't have the patience for it and don't have the time to waste on a string of fatties/ugly chicks that hide that fact through...
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Ah, the G-class. One of my all-time favourite cars. And probably the only current Merc that I would be seen behind the wheel of. Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Really? Have you ever driven one? They drive poorly. A G wagon rescued me in a snowstorm once, I've loved them ever since.
Any suggestions for a quiet analogue clock with a loud ringer? I have a retro looking one from ikea, but the bloody thing ticks loudly.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl So this is what guys are like in Toronto? Some of us would probably ask for a picture as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl I'm moving to Toronto in September, and I'm kind of a genius. Just kind of though, since I'm not stuck up at all. PM education, age and salary please.
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