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Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Yeah, if I can bump up to max res on a 28" I will, aside from online playing NHL where not stuttering is absolutely crucial. The reason I ask about ATI branded cards is this. I have my old laptop in for warrantee at future shop, and it's probably going to be DOA, so they'll either give me a new one or store credit. I don't need a new one, I already have one. So I might just take store credit and put it towards a 5.1...
I had a friend like that. Now I have other friends.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Some would also ask for 3 references... She never did PM me.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Yeah I'm going to play D3 and I'll probably get S2, and when the new Deus Ex comes out likely that as well. Next NHL I will definitely play online. Maybe others, depends what's good and what I have time for. So as suspected, no to the previous gen card, and it's really between a 5830, 5850, or 5770 with the possibility of another 5770. Buying a 5770 thinking that you will buy another 5770 later is probably...
What about using flash? Multiple shots.
What's the consensus here on taking pictures in a restaurant?
Quote: Originally Posted by whiteslashasian That is really, really odd. Do they remove the ring when they find a guy they want to talk to?! Not odd at all. Take a look at a stewardess left hand next time you are on a plane, they wear especially obnoxious rings to deter unwanted attention.
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May This is very useful. I appreciate the discussion, keep it coming. I'm also going to throw this out there: what about getting an old stock 4800 series? Benchmarks seem to suggest it performs comparably (though obviously not as good, being the previous gen) to the 5800 series. http://calgary.kijiji.ca/c-buy-and-s...AdIdZ219874223 Probably a terrible idea, but just a thought. Current...
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz Except Metro isn't offering up a well-constructed comment. Apples have similar keyboard shortcuts (and back in the day, were known for being more shortcut friendly) to Windows PCs. There's almost no difference in what you can do with a Windows box or Mac these days - it simply comes down to which UI you find most comfortable. I've been using nothing but Macs for a decade now, so I flub the keyboard shortcuts on...
Quote: Originally Posted by SField That is true. It was around $2000. I don't think that it's too large at all. Being able to view two documents simultaneously with page and a half length each, in addition to a video window or maybe a browser is a huge asset. I am just so much more productive. Do Macs have the left/right snapping feature that Windows 7 has? I found this feature to be very useful on large monitors.
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