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Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy uh, not me. he's such a smart guy and some pieces are really terrific. Is this book just a recap of his experiences after he became a television personality?
Quote: Originally Posted by West24 two points in this thread, kenn is an idiot and has no idea what he's talking about, and tomgirl ill take you around town. dont you worry! dont worry, dont! Avoid Toronto.
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Gotten worse? I envy him. I've wanted white hair for as long as I can remember. I am 22 and I starting getting whites last year and it is getting worse. Trust me, you don't want them.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria The charm of New England is in stubborn backwardness. We're not "with it" or "cool" like Chicago, Toronto, or the Hamptons. - B Toronto is neither "cool" or "with it". Perhaps "hip", as in hipster-land.
The one thing that blew my mind the most was the Russian pistol holster that disengages the safety and chambers a round when you draw.
I think someone mentioned that she is from Edmonton
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl I've never really been crazy about Vancouver for some reason. It could be because any and every hipster I've ever met has migrated there, but who knows. I also like being closer to NYC. Toronto isn't any better dude.
Quote: Originally Posted by Albern With the exception of what was mentioned above (about those in professions that have to deal with pushy men) I find this a bit surprising. Where do you usually see this? Every girl I've encountered with a ring seemed legitimate. I didn't know about the decoy rings until coworkers from my internship revealed it to me, a couple of them wear them only on work days, and one wears it 24/7. According to them, some...
http://www.neimanmarcus.com/common/s...AIL_PRICE&st=s Psycho Bunny ties on sale at Neiman Marcus
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I think it's a common misconception that you taste the wine at a restaurant to see if you like it. On a related note, is it a faux pas to not order wine in higher-end restaurants? Will the service staff view you differently?
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