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Make sure to include the calories consumed during the sprints to the bathroom.
Quote: Originally Posted by Saltricks Hey guys, been busy, but here is a picture from last night with douchefriend: @ round up for charity Haha I see another $0.00 tip on the receipt underneath
The outdoor chic thing is really big in Canada, the Mountain Equipment Coop style can be seen everywhere. Outside of the bigger Canadian cities, I can't see how American stores like J Crew or Brooks Brothers can survive, there is not enough demand and population density to support those types of stores. However places like Toronto will welcome a J Crew with open arms, I think I saw a BB in Toronto a while back, so if BB is sustainable, J Crew will be too.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty So's the basic handshake but I prefer it to the brofist, chest bump or whatever other dumb fucking thing 20-year-old kids do when they greet each other. lefty I should chest bump a female friend next time in see them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Strombollii 1. Customers that quote Alton Brown as I'm running them their food. Please elaborate on this one
Go with the 5700 or 5800 graphics card, you get the benefits of DX11 and will have adequate graphics performance for the near future. Blizzard games do not have high graphics requirements (since lower requirements means more players on B-net) so a 5700 will serve you well. But the 5800 is the better card and will keep its value better if you do wish to flip it in the future for an upgrade. Don't get the 5830 though.
Develop the habit of a hug, kiss or a handshake, that'll put you on level grounds with whoever you are talking to. But if the conversation is unexpected and you were caught off-guard then I personally don't think you are obliged to stand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Was it a Beef w-Bitter melon dish per chance? I prefer it with beef. Why people like it, is probably just for a change once in awhile; something to challenge the senses a little. An acquired taste for sure. I rather enjoy it. Yes it was a beef / bitter melon stir fry with douchi. And I think this is certainly an acquired taste, the flavor is very unexpected and intense. It reminds me of ginseng tea,...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Update: Holy crap, is the entire front bezel all mesh?
I try to keep an open mind when it comes to tasting new foods, but I just had a bitter melon stir fry dish at a busy Chinese restaurant and I can't understand the appeal behind this dish. I tried my best to enjoy this curious veggie, I tried to eat it slowly, I tried to combine it with the stir fry ingredients... Why do people enjoy this dish so much? Is it a texture thing? Is it supposed to be a test of the chef's skill and creativity? Or is it just a bittersweet...
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