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Ditto on the tiger fleece, my girlfriend stole mine W+H zip up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Schnurretiger F*ck her sister and her 4 best friends. If you're still not over it: her brother and her father, too. Don't forget the mom... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uHvpmgDDvY
I am 22. So I can only speak from a son's perspective. Pictures of your child are good. But don't take any naked pictures, that's not cool (especially if you show their friends later in life) Encourage them to play team sports (emphasis on encourage) Don't push them to do anything against their interest (piano, football, math... whatever) You are only wasting time and money Pass him down something meaningful (a watch, a knife, a jacket...) And finally, Love your...
Can someone give me a brief overview of Woolrich vs Woolrich Woolen Mills? I recently googled the term woolrich and the first three hits (in order) were Woolrich Inc, Woolrich's Woolen Mills and Woolrich Woolen Mills. Needless to say, this Canadian boy got very confused. As far as I can tell, Woolrich Inc's products are similar to Filson, while WWM is has a more modern feel.
Quote: Originally Posted by capnpyro http://www.tylerendicott.com/dior21cm_18mo.jpg http://www.tylerendicott.com/diortfit101908.jpg Damn, are those button fades? You've just helped me decide my next denim purchase. Which of the Dior 21cm style are those? Did you wear them true to size?
I'm in. Canadian dollar sucks right now.
I think a heavy brush under cold water should do the trick, but I am not sure of the after-effects of doing that to denim (especially raw). Quote: Originally Posted by pokey07 Also how can I do DNA testing to find this kid and punch him in the throat? Logistically impossible since you have nothing to match the DNA to.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion A few of my recent purchases: Engineered Garments tapered fit cords in dark olive Do you mind if you shared with us the Store Name and Price? I am loving the red stripe. How tapered is it?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Actually, that's true, I do, at least. And bespoke shoelaces?
Quote: Originally Posted by bmulford MtM? Pfffft - Bespoke. MtM is for pocket squares. I bet that some of you even have bespoke pocket squares.
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