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Can anyone please ID this jacket? Bonus points for online store and price! Thanks!
A (slightly) off topic question. Can someone point me to the belt + wallet + belt bag product page? I want to see these pieces individually, I like how they look together.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kill the DJ Hey, will you be getting any jackets or long sleeve button downs I should save my money for? Ditto that, I am looking for a good beefy jacket that I can wear in Toronto. The last one that I was truly interested was a heavy EG jacket from Nomad, but they ran out of my size. Also, please comment on when the webstore will be up, I want to start window shopping. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Deluks917 Kicking mule workshop 1980 is the fit you are looking for. These are generally way out of a non-enthusiast's budget. APC New Standard or New Cure might be what the OP is looking for. Budget denim with a decent straight or skinny cut. Size 2 down for a good fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked You're welcome. Appreciate it.
Size question! I wear a 31 in APC NS, 9 months later, they stretched to 35" and they barely rest on me without a belt (my relaxed waist size is 35"). If I want to purchase each of the following, what size should I buy? (I am not familiar with how they stretch) RRL Naked and Famous (21oz) LVC 501 Ernest Sewn
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