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I emailed the Farinelli gmail account and never got a response I really want my denim too.
Ordered a pair of KMW 1950 and Slim Guys. Hope there is stock!
Straight Sven in Dry Selvage $138 @ Revolve. I already copped a pair of sz34 5EP LDBs.
My girlfriend and I are actually thinking of doing something similar. My plan was to have a pair of worn denim sandwiched between two pieces of custom cut 1/8" glass, and edge off the compression with a 1/2" gauge frame trim. The only thing that I am concerned with is the weight of the glass panes (and the lack of space for mount holes), there is also a possibility of stress concentration causing fracture from rivets and whatnot.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joel_Cairo wowsors, LDB raw <$100 shipped. good deal. Agreed, got a 34*32 for $95 shipped to Canada.
Any problems with the shoe edge clipping the back of your ankle?
Should I buy these true to size? KMW 1950 Raw RB11 I want these to fit a little bit more lax than APC NS.
Quick Question. How do I size (up/down) the following Jeans? KMW 1950 Raw RB11 And which do you guys recommend more?
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Money talks, bullshit walks. Familiar phrase... but I can't figure out the source
(I was going to ask this in a PM, but I thought others might benefit from the answer.) Hey Mauro/Em, How will online purchases be conducted on Friday (28th)? Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ON FRIDAY ANYONE WHO COMES IN THE STORE GETS 50% off from the hours of 8am to 10am. that includes web orders that goes for EST and PST. If it is anything like the EG drop, then communications can get hectic (especially if you have a store to take...
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