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Quote: Originally Posted by dr.no Wow, 19 whole posts between the 2 of you. Giving freebies to new users makes the forum better, a guy with 2 jackets will appreciate the gift more so than the guy with 15 jackets.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jokerman New passport seeing as my old one had my sex as Female You don't have to PAY to fix that do you?
I feel that kitchenware shouldn't be bought in sets, uniformity in cutlery, china etc. gives off that OCD vibe and might make your home feel a bit clinical and industrial for your visiting guests. Just keep thrifting and going to garage sales, you will find a lot of items sold in sets. Chopsticks on the other hand should be consistent, it will be a pain in the ass to match them up every time you decide to use them.
Quote: Originally Posted by hc4thehc Did someone backtrace the info on KenN, reported cyber police and will consequences never be the same or what did I miss?.. Nah I just did it for his privacy's sake, I didn't need to turn SF into 4chan. Although some might argue that DT is already 4chan's more fashionable clone. BTW this guy is rich, I don't understand why he needs to scam. I am looking at his finances, and Daddy is quite comfortable (no...
Quote: Originally Posted by corey.m Rumour has it that a S95 will be released with the following specs: Backlit 1.17" CMOS sensor 10 MP HD Video Minor ergonomic changes What does this mean? Is that a huge improvement over the S90?
Name: Samuel Youkilis Address: Family: Email alias: soxfan3366@gmail.com syoukilis12@gmail.com School: AIM: Blog: LookBook: Flickr: Facebook: BlueMelon: Ebay:
But not as good as a Robertson screw
Add Philips screws to the list. They require two hands, they slip, and they damage your tool
Books that won't stay open. They piss me off tremendously.
JESUS Another whale-loving Asian.
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