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I hope the tie gets passed around. I was going to make a bid for it so I can post my first WAYWT.
Quote: Originally Posted by tomgirl My best friend gets drunk and beligerent and cock blocks without even realizing it. She does this thing where she kind of picks verbal disagreements with whatever guy happens to approach me, up to the point that he ends up furiously trying to defend himself because she somehow got him to talk about his views on the middle east/raw food diets/feminism, and challenges almost everything he says. It kind of pisses me off...
Quote: Originally Posted by cyejbv There is a rumor circulating that if there is an answer to be had for my question, I will surely find it here. May I apologize in advance for a serious lack of descriptive ability. My desperation overrides my pride. Further, I have neither the wit not the patience to post a picture according to the options given, but depending upon the kindness of you, dear readers, may pursue that option. That being said, I have...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Cant the height variance be more, as in, a good 2 feet? What's the point of having 2 with so little difference? The short one will provide for nearly everyone, so you might as well make the tall one less accommodating to small people. If these people would follow my advice people would be less likely to carry their own water, and the fountain water wouldn't taste metallic. Perfect for peeking down blouses
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Matching cutlery and china is OCD? I agree that its funny to have all matching cookware (unless you are just starting and bought one of those gigantic sets where you won't use half of it) but plates and knives? How many adults who are not living in their first or second apartment don't actually have enough matching plates/knives/forks/glasses/etc that they could not have matching place settings for a dinner for 4? To the...
Quote: Originally Posted by kenny1 KenN - Is that because of the complexity of the bottle shape? Mogul: The two upper edges will need to be less pronounced otherwise the areas around there will warp due to uneven cooling, in extreme cases sharp edges like that can even shatter as the material cools and shrinks. Brooks: Actually, this bottle can be manufactured as long as the upper surface on the widest part of the bottle slops...
Brooks cannot be manufactured on a mass scale. Mogul will be very difficult to mass manufacture.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenStyle I bought these John Lobbs. For some reason I'm convinced they're mens. What say you? There's no way that heel is over 3" right? They look similar to this (minus the cleats): http://www.johnlobbltd.co.uk/catalog...shoes/ss96.htm
That was the most eye-opening 17 pages ever. Beautiful work.
I feel an overwhelming sense of achievement every time I nail a perfect frisbee pass, there is something about arcing a frisbee to your target over a long distance that makes me feel good.
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