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University of Toronto, faculty of Applied Science and Engineering. University of Toronto, faculty of Medicine. Both places have super intelligent women, especially at the graduate level.
If you look up styleforum.net on Alexa and pull up the forum's traffic stats over the last two years, you will see a curious pageview drop followed by a huge surge in pageview around the August mark. This pattern is also reflected on the "Time on site" charts on Alexa. Was this forum down or suffering from network difficulties prior to August 6? This spike looks like a traffic hiccup and I don't think it is correlated to any fashionable events. edit:...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 What's your budget? Ideally I would like it to be sub-$250. But I will allow it to overrun into the $350 range for something magnificent. Size (and mass) is an issue though, I disliked my girlfriend's DSLR because it was too bulky.
I am also looking for a small point and shoot digital camera. I don't know much about cameras, but I want to get a digital camera that takes decent pictures, and more importantly, I want a camera that takes pictures fast. The camera I have now has a lag between me pushing the button and shutter going off (focus lag?). It also takes forever to boot up, and it takes a long time between shots. What is the metric used to determine the "speed" of a camera? I use my...
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http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebst...soap-14-oz.cfm http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebst...hea-butter.cfm And wash your sheets, towels, face cloth frequently. Try to not use any fabric softener.
Question: How does one determine the optimal number of repetitions to perform for a particular exercise? Do different muscle groups respond better to different loading and stresses?
Quote: Originally Posted by ruzzi question: has anyone been refused service at jantzen for being too fussy? i have recently while on holidays in hk, as well as a friend of mine (within 2 weeks of each other). short story: - first time visit to jantzen, get fitted for two shirts, which i ask for slim fit. - i have three extra fittings to get it to the slimness i want. - i pick up and pay for shirts, which fit great. - i return a few days...
In professional sports Course of the game accomplishment: Perfect game One time moment accomplishment: 4 second pit-stop For us amateurs Course of the game accomplishment: 9-dart finish One time moment accomplishment: 7-10 split
Quote: Originally Posted by rjmaiorano If you've never done an aerobic endurance sport this will be a very large challenge to prep for, let alone finding teammates that are dedicated to it also. Do you have experience in any competitive sport? Anyway, building a base of running and biking is a good start. Squash will provide a good cross training and help with footwork sure, but you'll only get better navigating trails by running them. Your speed...
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