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Mong Kok at night time. I don't remember seeing that many people in one place ever. The ferry is pretty nice too (lower deck). TST is worth a visit as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Free bag in the back, a nice one too.
Actually, women look for iphones.
I don't know anything about cars. But congrats! edit: if you get it new, it should come with a multi-year warranty, so repairs are not a big issue until it expires
Is it me, or does the shoe look like it has "bulges" just behind the toe cap on the side?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Edward Green (for B.Altman) wingtips 10.5 BIN $199 Holy crap someone needs to get on that before I do.
Just get the cheapest one, you are not going to stress the computer to the max anyways so you won't notice the difference.
Where is the part that we post your info?
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