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Quote: Originally Posted by NOBD It is. I don't know. I managed to salvage some of the pics. They are on my tumblr. Click the picture! Good stuff NOBD, this is my favorite thread on this site.
Is it bad that I noticed all the Hackett product?
Quote: Originally Posted by pstoller One around June (possibly on her vacation), one around October. Could be the same relationship, on/off. Anyway, good luck with "something else." Hope she's special. I am positive no relations happened during the June vacation since she was with a friend of hers. And "something else" is money (hence the quote). I figured that it wouldn't leave me unless I do something incredibly stupid.
Quote: Originally Posted by pstoller My educated guess: She's seeing somebody else and it's getting serious. Every time she breaks up (or hits a rough patch) with some other guy, she uses you as her fallback, because you've always been there; you're an old habit that she breaks whenever somebody "better" comes along. This doesn't mean she doesn't care for you"”she does. But, even though she may have a hard time imagining life without you at all, she...
Let me share with you my story. I dated a girl that I knew since grade 7. We had a crush on each other in grade 10, but didn't act on it until we went to university (different universities). We started dating in second year, and long story short, she told me that she needed to date other people and broke up with me on the eve of my final exams in my graduating year (This was April) When we broke up, it was made clear that there is intention to keep seeing...
Smalltimer I know
Step 1: Take pictures. Step 2: Poast.
Is this a situation where an EpiPen would have been useful? My cousins have peanut allergies and they all carry EpiPens, but I am not sure how severe their allergies are.
How much did you think Omega paid for those shots of Clooney's speedy?
Arc'Teryx Cierzo 35. The 18L version is good too. It is very simple and light, and can be collapsed into its own pockets.
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